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Learning how to write successful songs is no easy task, especially if you're only starting out.

We started Howlr to help musicians avoid the most common songwriting pitfalls, and get them ahead in the industry. By analysing data from the best songs ever written, Howlr gives you the opportunity to quickly create killer hits.

Great songs don't start out so great

At first, you would think this is a bad recording of the original, and it's technically true. Some very slight changes were made but the difference is massive. The demo version was 40 seconds longer than the original, the time between the first chorus and second verse was twice as long as in the final version, and there were a LOT less distortion on the guitars throughout the verses.

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The Killers - Mr Brightside 


Final release

The demo gets you grooving and waiting for that first verse... and you wait... and you're still waiting... So let's just say it takes a while to get into it. This is clearly an early version, you can probably tell by the lyrics that they hadn't perfected them either! 

Mac DeMarco - Another One 

Can you notice the difference right from the start? The key has changed. And for all the producers out there - listen out for the panning!


Final release

Major Lazer, DJ Snake, MØ - Lean On 

This example is easily the most unrecognisable. The demo is definitely a very early stage one, when the song was just an idea. Almost nothing from this version made it into the original. Some of the lyrics we can all recognise are hidden in there but this could have potentially sounded very different.

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Noodles Demo) 


Final release


Final release